Refresh Optive Mega-3 Eye Drops- 30 Vials (0.01 oz each)



  1. Preservative-free, low blur formula with flaxseed oil (an inactive ingredient).
  2. Treats eye dryness that may be due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), providing extended relief and comfort.
  3. Features HydroCell technology which enables hydration and maintains the volume of cells on the ocular surface.
  4. Supports all three layers of the tear film damaged by eye dryness.
  5. Helps prevent tears from evaporating.
This lipid-enhanced lubricant eye drop is clinically shown to treat the signs and symptoms of eye dryness. And there is no shaking required prior to use, unlike Retaine® MGD or Systane® Complete.
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