Calmoseptine Tube Ointment 4oz
About the product: A moisture barrier that prevents & helps heal skin irritations from :urine, diarrhea, prespiration, fistula drainage, wound drainage (peri-wound skin) & feeding tube site leakage Long lasting protectionTemporarily relieves discomfort & itchingCost effective
Alcohol Isopropyl 70% 16oz
 Alcohol is used to clean hands, bruises on knees, and other areas, and it can be applied as a cooling, soothing application for patients and athletes. Speed’s recovery of minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds. Just apply a small amount of isopropanol...
B/a Hydro Seal Ptch 10ea
Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Bandages help keep germs out and your body's natural healing power in. Made with hydrocolloid gel, these waterproof bandages provide advanced wound care and cushion to help protect blisters. Within 24 hours of application, a white...
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