Offer to Counsel

If you have any questions regarding this prescription or any other medication, please feel free to contact us at info@Franklinsquarepharmacy.com or during store counseling hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, Eastern) at (516)328-7777.

Our Legal Duty

We are required by law to protect the privacy of your information, provide this notice of our information practices, and follow the information practices that are described in this notice. Accommodate reasonable requests for your health information to be communicated by alternative means or at alternative locations.

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

Franklin Square Pharmacy is committed to protecting your privacy. As a healthcare provider, we know that your trust in us is of central importance. This policy discloses our information use and policies and procedures in detail. Please read it to learn more about the ways we protect the information we collect and to find out how you can limit the information about you that is shared. If Franklin Square Pharmacy should change its information practices, we will provide you notice of any material changes.

Strict Security Measures

Franklin Square Pharmacy takes the security of information very seriously and has established security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to patient information. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to comply with federal standards to guard patient information.

Uses and Disclosures of Health Information

We use health information about you for treatment, to obtain payment for treatment, for administrative purposes, and to evaluate the quality of care you receive. We may use or disclose identifiable health information about you without your authorization for public health purposes, for auditing purposes, or for reporting purposes to governing state agencies. In any other situation, we will ask for your written authorization to disclose information. You can later revoke that authorization to stop any further uses or disclosures or restrict it to certain uses. We may change our policies at any time. Upon your request, we will provide you with a revised notice of privacy practice by, accessing our website www.franklinsquarepharmacy.com, calling our retail store and requesting that a revised copy being sent to you via mail, or asking for one at the time of your next visit to our retail location.

Individual Rights

In most cases, you have the right to look at or get a copy of health information about you that we use to make decisions about your care. You also have the right to receive a list of instances where we have disclosed health information about you for reasons other than treatment, payment, or related administrative purposes. If you believe that information in your record is incorrect or if important information is missing, you have the right to request that we correct or add the missing information. We will take precautions to prevent inappropriate or non-essential use or distribution of patient information when transmitted via the Internet and while the pharmacy possesses such information. You may request a copy or amend your health record in writing in person or via mail @ 925 Hempstead Turnpike Franklin Square NY 11010, via e-mail Fspharmacy@optonline.net or the contact us section of our website www.franklinsquarepharmacy.com. We not use or disclose your information for treatment payment and administrative purposes except when specifically authorized by you, when required by law, or in emergencies.


If you are concerned that we have violated your privacy rights or you disagree with a decision we made about access or correction to your record, you may contact the person listed below. You may also send a written complaint to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The person listed below can provide you with the appropriate address upon request. If you decide to contact the undersigned person with a complaint, or if you send a written complaint to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, you will not suffer any retaliation.

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact Anthony N Giordano Rph at (516) 328-7777. Complaints against the practice of pharmacy may be filed with the:

New York State Board of Pharmacy, 89 Washington Ave. Albany, New York 12234-1000.(518)474-3817