Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution 10 oz

Inspired by the biology of healthy eyes, the 10 Oz Biotrue For Soft Contact Lenses Solutiont gives you maximum lens-wearing comfort. Made with a duo-action cleaning formula, this lens solution disinfects and matches the natural ph of your natural tears. When your eyes maintain its natural moisture and Ph balance, your eyes stay healthy. Plus, the Bausch and Lomb formula removes "bad protein," so that the good protein is left to fight off germs. As the the Bausch and Lomb Contact Solution disinfects and removes protein build-up, it also keeps your lenses moisturized. When your contacts are free of build-up, you reduce the risk of eye infections and irritating discomfort. Made for soft contact lenses, the contact solution moisturizes and cleans your lenses, so you get all-day eye comfort. This 2 ct Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution is available in a pack of two.
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