Quickie Natural Fiber Broom


This O-Cedar Heavy Duty Corn Broom is made with 100% natural broom corn and is great for indoor and outdoor jobs. It is the perfect broom for sweeping the garage floor, driveways, patios, and decks.

Our commercial-grade broom is effective in various environments, such as warehouses, schools, offices, home and more. Designed with wire-bound bristles, a solid wood handle, and 5 rows of polytwine stitching, this broom is built to last. It effectively sweeps up messes on everything from tile floors to garage floors, wet or dry.

All natural straw and fiber blend sweeps up both large and small particles.

 Features :

  • FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: O-Cedar's Heavy Duty Corn Broom is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, as this classic broom is strong and durable. Use it to sweep on all hard surfaces, such as the garage floor, driveway, patios, decks, sidewalk, tile floors, warehouses, and more!
  • HANDCRAFTED FOR DURABILITY: A sturdy and strong wooden handle, stiff wire-bound fibers, and five rows of reinforced-polytwine stitching provide this corn broom with long-lasting durability and strong bristles, so you can clean large dirt particles, leaves, or debris on wet or dry hard surfaces.
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE BROOM: 100% All-natural straw and fiber blend sweeps up both large and small particles to clean any hard floor surface. This broom is made from corn fibers, which is a natural renewable resource.
  • WORKS IN VARIETY OF ENVIRONMENTS: Our high-quality, heavy-duty broom is appropriate and sturdy enough for home, commercial, industrial, school, and office settings! The product dimensions are 56" x 8" x 2."
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