Commode Pail

PCP 5515, Home Medical Equipment: The PCP 5515 Replacement Full Pail with Lid and Handle fits all PCP bedside commodes perfectly. Helps in the treatment of: bath safety, recovery, post-injury, limited mobility, and daily living aids
  • Replacement bucket for standard and bariatric commodes. Choose handle or no handle. Lid included.
  • Replacement liner (splash guard) is bottomless, and is used when commode frame is placed over toilet with pail / bucket removed.
  • Color Options: Gray or White
  • Style Options: Liner, Pail with Lid, or Pail with Lid and handle
  • Available Sizes: 6 quart (1.5 Gallon), 10 quart (2.5 Gallon), 12 quart (3 Gallon) Capacity.
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