Cadbury Caramello Candy Bar 4oz

Break apart this CADBURY CARAMELLO candy bar and indulge in its creamy caramel covered in delicious milk chocolate. Your taste buds will be overwhelmed with creaminess! Stock your pantry for when you and your family needs a sweet treat after dinner or if you're baking. CARAMELLO chocolate bars are great additions to brownies, ice cream sundaes or salty snacks like pretzels. Put a bar in your lunch or keep a few in your office desk for a relaxing and yummy midday treat. You can even pack a milk chocolate and caramel bar for a cute picnic, as a treat for your teammates or in your backpack as you walk between classes. These individually wrapped kosher bars are easy to break apart and share with your favorite people or fun to bite right into to get the full taste of caramel mixed with chocolate. CADBURY CARAMELLO bars are here for whenever you need a sweet break from your daily routine and are yummy holiday treats all year round.
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