Ao Lumbar Sacral Supp Large


This brace best fits individuals whose size is in the middle of the size range. To get an optimal fit, we recommend ordering the next size up if your size is above the mid-point of the size range. To assess, measure around the waist: S: 23 – 28 inches (58.4 - 71.1 cm); M: 28 – 33 inches (71.1 - 83.8 cm); L: 33 – 38 inches (83.8 - 96.5 cm); XL: 38 – 43 inches (96.5 - 109.2 cm); XXL: 43 – 48 inches (109.2 - 121.9 cm); XXXL: 48 – 55 inches (121.9 - 139.7 cm) . OPPO Medical offers the most extensive range of functional supports with uncompromising quality, a keen understanding of the rehabilitation market and a passion for innovation. For your continued health, we are expanding the frontiers of orthopedic medicine with innovative materials and designs and a holistic approach to wellness.


  • Strong elasticated fabric provides firm, comfortable support for lower back
  • Reinforced panels in lumbar region provide additional support; Sizes run snug -see Description below
  • Velcro fasteners ensure quick and easy application and removal; Color: Natural
  • Side panel elastic adjustment straps provide uniform compression
  • Four pliable stays provide firm support; made of light, breathable elastic multiband material
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