Beggin' Original With Bacon 6oz

Made with real bacon, Bursting with bacon flavor. Net Weight: 6 oz Flavor: Bacon.
Toss him a Beggin' Strip dog treat for a snack between meals, or tear these chewy strips into smaller pieces for the ultimate yummy reward. With the look and taste of real bacon, these flavored strips for dogs get tails wagging and tongues lolling just like Hamlet, Beggin's bacon-loving mascot. Open up a dog treat pouch and listen for the sound of running paws. The rich aroma calls out to your dog with the promise of tail-wagging flavor he just can't resist.
  • Bacon flavored dog treats with real meat as the ingredient
  • The original strip that started it all
  • Beggin' Strips for dogs made with real bacon
  • Soft texture for easy chewing
  • Soft dog strips easy to tear into smaller pieces
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